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MathML in Flash

My first attempt at a flash-mathML reader was clunky, but it gave me a better understanding of the challenges.

Though it's still very early, I'm excited to say that I've got a basic mathML-reader working. Many of my attempts ended up in a dead-end, but this one has yet to hit a major snag (knock-on-wood).


Aha! I see through your plot now ... get us all busy on the April Math Challenge while you toil away at your MathML Reader, then publish it now for ALL THE GLORY! :)

I refer you to my comment post at http://www.galaxygoo.org/blogs/archives/000230.html to review the state of my MathML component ... it remains untouched since then.

How are you progressing on the project blog idea? Would you like to make your MathML Reader into a project collaboration, utilizing some of my ideas as well? Could you post a view of the new reader? ... I can't wait!


I've posted about the general algorithm on our new Flash Blog.