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Which tree does the Applet fall from?

When I saw James Bennett's curve fitting demo, my first thought was "cool!" My next thought was "but Applets are Java, not Flash!"

But, is the term "Applet" trademarked? And when you think about it, doesn't "Applet" seem more a more descriptive label than "RIA"? So, why not call them Flash Applets?

(update::::Vera started a thread at whatisflash.com on this subject.)


Because they are called Flashlets. ;-)

The more I think about it, the more I like "Flash Applet" over "Flashlet". Why? Flashlet makes me think "little Flash"...somehow less than Flash? However, Applet is a well known term. Many programmers, and even the general public, think of an Applet as a small program instead of as a toy.

I definitely see your point. But to me, Applet is so well-known as its own thing now that you almost forget that what it really is a smaller version of something else, a full-fledged program. So, a Flashlet is just like an Applet, a small application or module, but done in Flash. When I hear Flash Applet, I think Java. When I hear Flashlet, I think Flash. I'm going to open a discussion thread about this on whatisflash.com!

Great idea, to open thread on whatisflash.com! I'll post a link to it.

About "Flashlet", I keep thinking about the fact that the the end-user really doesn't care if an Applet is developed in Java or Flash. They just want to use it.