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webMathematica 1.0 MathML Update

No doubt webMathematica 2.0 beta includes this patch, but for now you can download the MathMLPatch.zip package from:

webMathematica 1.0 MathMLPatch

This package includes .msp examples for integrating various math reader apps to display MathML content in your browser, as well as a webMathematica documentation notebook viewable with Mathematica or their MathReader. I'm sure that this could be adapted for display within a Flash app as well. I'll ask Kristin to update our webMathematica 1.0 so we can attempt embedding a reader ... I'm using MathPlayer from Design Science.

Upon further reading, I've found that Design Science's 'webEQ Developers' Suite' may be necessary for full implementation of a MathML renderer/editor component, since it includes Input Control to format input. Their 'MathPlayer' will only allow rendering, and a 'copy/paste to the clipboard' routine which can be entered into a Mathematica notebook, but can't be entered into a Flash UI without first scripting the AS for the input.


The mathML patch is now installed. Much thanks go to Mike and Chris!

"...can't be entered into a Flash UI without first scripting the AS for the input."

Yep, that's why I've been working on the mathML reader for flash. Soon, I should have a progress report to post on the new approach I'm taking with it. But I can't promise when.

MathML Reader should be the first project blog ... I've been working on a MathML reader/editor component as well. Here's my progress so far:

1. complete: a unicode MathML glyph group pallet, that functions by scrolling through each 256 glyph set, then point&click to add your choice or else by direct keyboard input, into a sub-cell builder mc that also accepts function pallet input, which is described below.

2. incomplete: a function cell pallet that mimics 20 of the main Mathematica function cell pallets, with properly tabbed, auto-sized input mcs. I stalled on formatting matrices, opting instead to attempt including Sam Wan's Table Class to ease the programming nightmare ... still in progress.

3. complete ... sort of: a port of ORRCA's MathML Schema, that successfully resides in memory as a Flash XML object, but I haven't attempted any programming logic with it yet. I stalled attempting to display the XML object onstage (unnecessary for an initial engine, but may be utilized later for development of the component). I did manage to correctly display up to the 5th nested child before it broke, so there's still hope!

4. incomplete: the component, although I have written fairly comprehensive project documentation, dabbled with adding a Custom UI and Preview, and added the component, complete with a dodec.gif icon, to the UI component pallet to test, of course!

After pausing to reflect on the complexity of the project, I chose to check out embedding one of the various MathML plug-ins available instead ... GtkMathview, MathPlayer, WebEQ, etc. ... still checking!

If you decide to make this the first project blog, I'll clean up my project for presentation and post what I have to get things started.