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Web services and Flash

I have been playing with web services in Flash. I really wanted to make use of one that is related to science or math, so that it would be right up GalaxyGoo's alley. I found a periodic table one that accepts as input the name of the atom and returns its atomic number, atomic weight or element symbol. But I couldn't get it to work with Flash. Then I found one called Orbitarium, which returns the geocentric positions of each planet at any point in time. But I couldn't get this one to work in Flash either. I finally settled on a temperature conversion web service. For more information, the .fla and a screenshot, go here. I am going to continue to look for more exciting and useful web services. Perhaps GalaxyGoo will eventually host a really neat application on the upgraded ColdFusion MX server.


I've been thinking about offering webservices on GalaxyGoo. But what kind of service would be useful and not too expensive to host. webMathematica lends itself to this very well, but could become very expensive if we had to license additional kernels. Perhaps, when we've gone farther with our Flash/webMathematica explorations we'll be ready to offer something.