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Some math related threads

While searching through my text file archives for something else, I stumbled across a post I had saved from Nov. 17, 2002 by Jonas Galvez, summarizing math-related links available on the Flashcoders' list. However, just posting the link to the thread won't provide live links to the various topics.

Here is his Flashcoders' post, reformatted to provide a live link list to some wonderful information ... thanks for the research Jonas:

From: Jonas Galvez [snip]
Sent: Sunday, November 17, 2002 7:28 AM
To: Flashcoders
Subject: [Flashcoders] Some math related threads


I've been studying math applied to Flash and did some research on the list
archives. I'm posting the most interesting threads (my opinion) for the
people who are starting on this subject. I know there are a lot more but I
think these can be quite useful. Follows the unordered and unclassified
list of links... :)

Rotation Dampening
Finding the angle
line drawing edge to edge
Angle of bounce?
Calculating spiral movement
trig question
big thanks, one question though (car physics)
sine problems
trying to understand theta and movement
drawing circle//sticky drag
Any ideas
Vanishing Points / Perspective Maths
3d - quaternion rotation
Math is too long, no?
skew function
Matrices for transformations
Re: drawCircle #2
OT calc
physics - atan2 - sin - cos
Math.sin--> help please
Math.sin vs. lookup
sin, cos, duplicateMovieClip
graphing functions
ball hiting a diagonal wall
Any Trigonometry heroes out there?

[edit]I hope you don't mind, Richard, but I removed Jonas's email address from the post--In an effort to protect him from spam.


Hey... thanks! =) Actually it's a very small research. I'm sure there a lot more stuff in the Flashcoders archive.

Btw.. I'm developing a little Flash application that will be a "commented Flashcoders archive". There will be some contributors that will add links to the best threads and add descriptions to them... =)