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Reinventing the Chalkboard

On May 22nd, I'll be speaking at the North Bay Multimedia Association - Web Developers SIG, about using online technologies to communicate science and math.


Yey! Go Kristin!


I'm a math teacher at a middle school (and I'm new to this forum). I heard about your presentation through the North Coast Mac Users Group (my husband is on the Board of Directors). I'm the ONLY teacher at my school that maintains a webpage for my classes. But I don't know html - I use Adobe GoLive! for making my webpages. I'd like to be able to easily add examples of how to solve problems on my webpages, like solving proportions or adding fractions for example.

Would I find your presention "simple" enough for me to understand? And would it help me do what I'd like to do for my students? (Preferably without taking much more time than what I already spend doing stuff for them?!)

Thanks. (I really enjoyed the "How many words can you spell with the element symbols?" game by the way!)