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Let's get famous!

We're the "leading write-in" for the Webby People's Voice award (category Science). How long can we keep it?

Go ahead, show your support for GalaxyGoo and vote for us as a write-in for the "Peopls's Voice" award.

Site name: GalaxyGoo
Address: www.galaxygoo.org
Category: Science

The Webby Awards: People's Voice

Update: You can now post reviews of write-in sites, and they'll be visible before voting. Very Cool! So, if one of our projects has helped you out, we'd love to see your comments on the review page.


So far, we're holding position as lead write-in:

9% Eric Weisstein's World of Mathematics

9% exploreMarsnow

45% HowStuffWorks

9% Scirus

0% Science Hobbyist

Leading Write-In:
9% GalaxyGoo

18% All Other Write-Ins

Oh no! We've held the "leading write-in" position for two days, but about an hour ago we got bumped by space.com!

We'll get it back. Wanna help, and write us in that ballot?