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Friendly Flash Challenge for Math Awareness Month

April is Math Awareness Month, and this year the theme is math and art. Looks like a great challenge for Flash developers! So we're holding an informal competition.

What are the prizes? Books!

Goal: To share ideas and explore artistic expressions of, and with, mathematics in the medium of Flash. Sharing, Building on, and modifying each other's source code is encouraged.

Prize: I've got extra copies of The Algorithm Design Manual, by Steven S. Skiena and an Earnst Haeckle book. The top two entrants get them.

Rules: Be creative, comment and share your code, site your references and influences...give credit where credit is due. GalaxyGoo Employees and contract service providers are ineligible to win.

How to enter:
Post in the GalaxyGoo forums, and upload a zipped file with your swf, fla and any supporting files. A readme.txt file is encouraged. Entries must be submitted by April 30, 2003. If you're not already a registered member, registration will be necessary.

How to Win: Once all the entries are in, we'll set up a poll where all registered forum
members can vote for their favorite entry. You choose the winners. In the event of a tie, a member of the
GalaxyGoo board of directors will decide on the winning entry.

By entering this competition you agree to allow GalaxyGoo, a non-profit organization, the nonexclusive rights to use your work according to the GalaxyGoo author's agreement.