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Flash Blog-Reader on GalaxyGoo

Michael, of hollowcube, has generously allowed us to use his mini-blog reader on the GalaxyGoo website. If you haven't seen it, this handy flash widget pulls a list of blogs from an XML "list", displays summaries of their RSS feeds, and links to the original sites.

I'll be experimenting with this for a while, as a way to manage the eclectic topics that come up. You're welcome to take a peak.


You could have also used the Blog Viewer component I built. It's not set up to handle multiple feeds but that could easily be added. Take a look: http://flashcomponents.net/component.cfm?nav=2&id=180

Looking pretty spiffy!

I just posted a link to your post at http://www.hollowcube.com/talk/archives/000350.php


Thanks Michael!!!

Now all I have to do is get the blogs all sorted out ;-)