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What are the lunch spots near the FlashForward conference in San Francisco? Off the top of my head, I can think of Max's and Chevy's. Max's is a local tradition with deli food, and...well, you know about the other one.

Another possibility...the New Asian Art museum is rumored to have tasty treats, and outdoor seating.

If you take the last table, be sure to save a space for me and Vera ;-)


in an email:

"Restaurants around here... in Hays valley there are a lot of nice restaurants... Citizen Cake for one, you could probably check Zagat online for some listings. They are all very pricey...so I don't go over there. At larkin and Geary (on the edge of the Tenderloin) is my favorite Thai restaurant Thai House. Very good food. Other than that Max's and Chevys are your best bet...& the closest"

Hey, you want to meet up for lunch?

Let's meet at Max's, today (Thursday).