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Open Source Real Time Cellular Budding with Flash

Over at Keith Peter's site, Bit-101, there's been a little discussion about how to script a vesicle budding from a cell.

Let's get this going as an open-source project. I want to see portable code, that's easy on CPU and macs. The vesicle needs to actually pinch off from the parent cell, and become a new distinct entity.

Join the project in our fourms:
GalaxyGoo Working Forums - real time cellular budding


We have a system to study vesicle budding from cells. After tranfecting cells with FasL we could detect FasL in the vesicles. We are interested in how to understand vesicle release from cells by using this system. We are using various cytoplasmic mutants to study how this process is regulated. We are frustrated by the lack of information in this area. I'd be very much interested suggestion and collaboration.