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MathML Schema

Wow ... the more research I do on MathML, the more exciting it becomes! I stumbled upon ORRCA:

ORRCA MathML page

The Ontario Research Center for Computer Algebra ... quite a fascinating group of computer scientists involved with fundamental research and development in mathematical software, focusing on computer algebra. The scientist responsible for maintaining the MathML pages is Luca Padovani from Bologna, Italy, a phd who has written his dissertation (255 pages!) on MathML Formatting. He is also the main developer for GtkMathView, a stand-alone C++ rendering engine for MathML.

Luca Padovani:
phd dissertation

I'm currently working on porting the MathML Schema from ORRCA into the Flash MX environment. The plan is to complete a MathML formatting engine that the developer can install into the components panel of the Flash IDE, complete with a MathML tab in the actions panel for all of the element tags and attributes, color-coded of course!

Also, the end user will be able to download the mathMLSchema.swf from within a Flash MathML application prior to input, placing the code for the .xsl style sheet and the .xsd schema files, and all necessary fonts embedded within the schema .swf. The entire set of schemata will be over 5,000 lines of xml, so I thought that a separate load of the schema would be appropriate, rather than having a slow download for each schema-laden MathML app ... this may change, however.