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Interactive Dichotomous Key, XML fed

New work-in-progress on GalaxyGoo: Interactive Dichotomous Key built with flash and XML

Take a peak, and tell us what you think.


Neat! These things are really useful, and a nice approach to developing expert systems. Why did you choose fruit as the subject matter? Seems a little, well, fruity! :)

Thanks :)

Well, I called up an old prof of mine, and asked if he knew of any keys in public domain. He hooked me up with the Lab Coordinator at USF, and she sent me a bunch of keys. The fruit key was nice and short--perfect for a prototype.

This is a great tool! I am a biology teacher and we just happen to be studying fruits and flowers right now in my classes, and I found your key, and will be using it during my lab tomorrow!

Thank you!

Just a quick follow up to let everyone know I have nothing against fruit. I enjoy fruit on an almost daily basis. Especially the grapefruit. Umm, now I'm hungry.

what does this have to do with fruits

The dichotomous key used, in this example, is for identifying fruit species. It's a simple exorcize that a Biology student may encounter.