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were-here refugees

I very much miss the forums at Were-here. So, I opened up an are of our forums for the WH refugees. GalaxyGoo Working Forums - were-here refugees


I share your feelings
who knows what happened with 'em?

They were having server problems, last I heard. I do hope that they come back. It was great to have so many diverse talents and interests all in one place.

They're back!

We're keeping the new area of the GalaxyGoo forums, though.

they were online for a bit til today morning!
its the ol 404 again. ;(

They do appear to be down again. :(

We kept the refuge from the last WH-outage, and renamed it "Web Development". You're welcome to join us there:


I LOVE were here! Hope they come back soon!

p.s. looking for some feedback on doing a quiz in flash. havent been able to find very much documnetation. I would like to do it without the use of any backend. Tally totals, give a grade and show correct answerws? You know the drill.



Hi Michael,

Do you have Colin Moock's books? Both editions cover quizes, and there is some code available on his site too. http://www.moock.org/asdg/codedepot/

here is the whole WH crew http://www.twelvestone.com