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September 30, 2002

Coffee Cups!

Based on the design of our Periodic Table with Flash and webMathematica project, we're offering a coffee cup through cafepress. A portion of sales help support GalaxyGoo.

September 26, 2002

Page through thumbnails with flash.

Added new function to the NASA-images viewer. Now the user can page through the thumbnail images to the image viewer.

Ambiguous data-types in flash

Today I ran into one of those quirks of flash: ambiguous data-types. I recall reading about this somewhere, but hadn't run into it yet.

I'm pulling mixed data-types from an XML document, and found that numbers were getting passed as strings, and that flash seems to determine data-type based on action performed on the data. I'll have to do some reading on that.

Anyway, I kept getting strange results when I used the numbers. And then it finally occured to me that I needed to "force" the data from a string into a number. Colin Moock's book came to my rescue, with a suggestion to convert by subtracting zero. Worked like a dream.

So, if it looks like your concatenating instead of numerically incrementing, try subtracting zero.

Here's a snippet of code I was working on:

if(this.list_order < 9){
//subtract 0, to force value as integer not string
pos = this.list_order - 0;
} else {
pos = this.list_order - ((this.thisSet-1)*9);

September 23, 2002

Benefit design contest

Over at the FlashGoddess forums, there's a friendly design competition going on. The winning designs will be printed on coffee cups, and sold through cafepress, as a GalaxyGoo fundraiser.

Flash Goddess :: View topic - Design for Fundraiser

Visualize Trig

Not only is this a nice actionScript tutorial, but it's a great visualization of basic trigonometry! It also demonstrates the power of flash as an educational tool. This simple animation conveys, clearly, the relationship between rotation of a radius and it's corresponding sine wave.

Well done!

Math Object (Actionscript-Toolbox.com)

New Favicon Needed

GalaxyGoo needs a new favicon...with both 16x16 and 32x32 versions. If you'd like to help out, please post a note in the forums: GalaxyGoo Working Forums - New Favicon

3D molecules in Flash

Edwin's CML reader is now on GalaxyGoo!

Be carefull, this version is a CPU hog.
CML Reader with Flash

"I've seen that in java," you may say. For client-side interaction, I think Flash is the better solution. For developers, it offers great opportunites for collaboration, and is easily updated.


I recently discovered this fascinating blog: Afterhours in the Juniverse

We're going to Denver!

It's confirmed. We've got exhibitor booth number 128, at the AAAS Annual Meeting and Science Innovation Exposition in Denver this coming February.

Why attend as an exhibitor instead of presenting a poster? When Phyllis and I presented a poster, in 2001, we didn't have enough time to talk with everyone who stopped by.

September 21, 2002

Blog Back on-line

Well, it was a bumpy road, but we got the upgrade installed and are ready to resume blogging.

Sorry for the lack of posts, lately.

September 06, 2002

Flash MathML Reader

I've uploaded a prototype Flash MathML reader, to the site. Take a look, and let me know what you think.

Guide to NASA Images

The more I play with XML, the more I like it. This prototype only took a few hours to put together (including getting the thumbnails all the same size).

It's very rough, and I'm looking forward to working on it more.

Visual Guide to NASA Images

Flash Highlight: Landscape

This is one of the most impressive flash projects I've seen. It's a landscape generator, with user controlled "riders".Flash Landscape

September 03, 2002

Looks Like We're going to Denver

Just sent in our application for a booth at the Annual AAAS meeting (2003), and should be getting confirmation soon.

AAAS Annual Meeting and Science Innovation Exposition

September 02, 2002

Sandboxes for all?

If all goes well, we'll have some little database sandboxes to play with, in a few weeks. I know that Mark, in particular, is looking forward to having access to a devzone. He'll be working on some usefull database apps: tools to manage links and books.

If you're interested in this project, post a note in the forums.

September 01, 2002

Great article on Flash development

New to Flash development? This is a great article, from the perspective of a traditional developer interested in Flash.

Coding for a Time-based Medium: Preparing traditional developers to develop in Flash requires some new terminology and careful separation of code and interface elements.

(via "Mesh on MX" blog)