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squeezed out of the table?

While writing an algorithm for arranging the graphics for each element in the periodic table , it struck me how odd the table is...

I recall a chemistry lecture, where the history of the table was briefly presented. Early organizations of the elements seemed odd to me. My fellow students and I then tried to memorize the modern periodic table before the next exam. I've never been talented at rote memorization, so that class contributed little to my understanding of chemistry, nor to my GPA.

Fortunately, for me, that wasn't the end of my education in chemistry. Which brings me back to the topic of this ramble, and one of the projects I'm working on these days: an interactive periodic table, currently in a rough draft state. I've been working on the flash interface, and Brian Higgins (at UCDavis) did the webMathematica development.

The odd thing about the table, from the perspective of writing an algorithm to generate the graphics for it, is the way the Lanthanide and Actinide series' get sqeezed out of the table.