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Periodic Table: flash interface, webMathematica server-side

Iím having a good day. With the help of some folks on the flashcoder's list, I managed to get the periodic table project interface prototype working.

The table is dynamically generated in flash. When the user clicks on an elementís square, Brian's webMathematica MSP is called, and a pop-up window opens (with info about that element).

So far, the new interface (flash and HTML), is only 2K all together. Thatís down from over 30K for doing the same thing in an HTML table.

Lots of potential for this projectÖIím having fun.



I am amar working in an it company as a web designer. now i am creating a flash site with dinamic text.here i am using a .txt for content.

i want to create a table and add some content to that table i have tried for that but i dont't get good result in my project can u tell me any solution is there (altrnation of html table)