The Cell: An Interactive Learning Tool
by Kristin Henry and Frances Segal
December 3, 2004 -- Last updated November 23, 2005     What's going on here? | Comments? | Flash plugin required

What's going on here?

This interactive learning tool was developed to help middle school students attain a greater understanding of the cell, cell organelles and their functions, and to improve retention of scientific knowledge in preparation for the State of California Standards exams in life science.

Onscreen and off screen ("hands on") activities are provided in this learning tool on the cell. Off screen activities include printing outlines of the animal cell, which the students cut out, color, assemble, and label. Onscreen activities include an interactive exploration of the animal and plant cells and a quiz.

Technologies used include Flash and XML.

This is the third version of the project. New features include the addition of a drag-n-drop build-a-cell activity and an improved user interface.

Future versions will include, comparisons between cell types, improved quizzing features, and life science curriculum for higher levels of education.

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